How Trade Shows Elevate Brand Recognition and Visibility

June 26, 2024 [addtoany]

Trade shows remain one of the most effective business-to-business marketing strategies for brands in specific sectors or markets, as they offer an ideal space for showcasing products, networking and relationship-building. In fact, studies show that about 70 percent of businesses successfully generate new leads and increase brand awareness by attending and exhibiting at trade shows - a data point that truly underscores the value they can offer.

How do trade shows help brands do this? And how can they provide a platform for brands to do it with even more impact? Read on to learn more or contact us today.

How Trade Shows Elevate Brand Recognition, Visibility

Want to learn more about the ways trade shows elevate brand recognition to use this medium to your firm's advantage? Here's a look at how trade shows make it happen and what you can do to further your impact:

Build Brand Visibility and Brand Recognition

Arguably the biggest advantage of exhibiting at and attending a trade show is to give visibility to your business - and subsequently, your service or product. Most trade shows are industry or market-specific, so you know that you're likely going to be reaching your target audience - or at least a large portion of your target audience. Noting this, the audience that you'll come into contact with at trade shows is highly qualified.

Many companies have allocated more of their marketing budget to exhibiting at trade shows for this purpose. While print, digital and other forms of more conventional marketing still have a purpose, they usually don't build visibility or brand recognition like exhibiting at a trade show does with key audience members.

Generate Solid Leads

According to data from Statista, more than 90 percent of trade show attendees report that they go to see and learn about new products. Again, this underscores the highly qualified prospects that you're likely to come into contact with when you exhibit at a trade show, which results in stronger leads and the ability to engage in direct conversations with prospects to answer any questions and provide more information on the spot. While it's likely that some trade show attendees will be naturally interested in your offerings, there are various other strategies to attract consumers and generate more solid leads. One of them is experiential marketing, which we'll cover more of in the next section.

Allow Attendees to Experience Your Brand

As the name implies, experiential marketing is a new-age strategy that allows prospects to experience your brand, product or service. When done right, it's an impactful type of marketing strategy that's especially valuable for in-person events, like trade shows. There are many ways companies can utilize experiential marketing techniques to help attendees experience their brand. Some strategies include:

  • Augmented reality and virtual reality
  • Hands-on demonstrations of products
  • Interactive displays
  • Hosting press conferences or Q&A sessions
  • Free samples or giveaways

When done right, experiential marketing strategies can help engage target customers, build brand recognition and loyalty, and, ultimately, drive business growth. According to research reports, about 40 percent of consumers say they feel more loyalty to a brand after experiencing it, while more than 90 percent indicated they were more likely to purchase the brand or service after experiencing it.

Intimate Networking, Communication Opportunities

To many, the trade show floor is "where the magic happens." And by "magic," we mean it's where business deals are struck, relationships are kindled, and products and services are sold. What's unique about the trade show floor is the intimacy of the conversations you can have. Trade shows offer one-on-one communication opportunities with prospects, clients and peers. You can garner immediate feedback from such conversations, engage in valuable two-way dialogue and give everything the personal touch that can help improve brand loyalty and bottom line.

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