The Basics of Social Media Marketing for Trade Shows

January 24, 2024

Want to create excitement around your trade show exhibit, access a large audience in a cost-effective way and boost traffic to your show booth? Adding social media marketing to your event strategy will accomplish all that. Using social media platforms to promote your exhibit before, during and after a trade show provides a prime opportunity for attendees to take note of your offerings, get excited to visit your booth and ensure they know exactly where to find you! Social media platforms can also be used to reconnect with and follow up on leads after the show. If you’d like to try out this marketing strategy but are a bit overwhelmed about which platforms to use or which social media marketing strategies to incorporate, this post is for you. The following are some basics of social media marketing to implement when developing your marketing strategy for your next trade show event.  

Choosing a social media platform

When choosing social media, think “less is more” rather than “the more the merrier.” Not every platform is right for every business, and you don’t want to spread yourself thin or dilute your messaging by posting the same content on all platforms. Instead, consider your target audience and focus on 2-3 social media platforms, the ones your audience uses most.  

Social Media Marketing Strategies



To maximize your social media potential and get ahead of your competitors, start posting content weeks before the show. Connect with the show’s social media to find out what hashtag is being used for the event and use this event hashtag on all your social media posts along with other relevant hashtags. Pre-show content can include announcing your intent to attend the show, photos from last year’s event (if it’s an annual event), videos or teasers of products, demos or exhibit features, behind the scenes prep and previews of special offers or discount codes you will provide for show attendees. Be sure to also include logistical information like your booth number, dates, and times so people know where and when to locate you.

During the Show

Keep posts short and sweet but do keep your followers updated by including some live content from the show in your postings, such as photos, short videos, or live streams of demos. Consider using a contest or show-specific offers as part of your event strategy to drive interest to your show booth. Beyond the immediate benefits of increased opportunities for engagement with your audience, when you keep your social media updated to display your participation at trade shows, you also demonstrate that you are an active professional within your industry, and this in turn builds your online credibility.


Post a recap video that highlights your exhibit and any demos or new products. Use social media to reach out to any leads and be sure to do this in a timely manner, while their interest is still fresh. By making use of social media in the ways outlined above before, during and after a show, it becomes an invaluable part of your overall trade show marketing strategy. Looking for more help with social media marketing, content creation or other key areas of trade show planning, like creating an Instagram-worthy trade show display? Why not reach out to a full-service exhibit agency such as Reveal Marketing Group. With a strategic partner by your side to help you navigate everything from brand strategy to exhibit design, you can maximize your ROI at your next trade show event. [button link="#" type="big" color="silver"] Talk to us.[/button]  

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