Execution Marketing Services For XM Brand Experiences & Activations

Turn your brand into an experience through flawless full-service execution and delivery. From account management and support to logistics to event setup and dismantle, we can handle all aspects of your experiential marketing campaign seamlessly from start to finish.


  • Program Management
  • Inter-Agency
  • Staging
  • Warehousing
  • Logistics
  • Online Inventory
  • Installation / Dismantle


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Custom Booth



Program Management

rmg uses our proven phased processes to manage your project. We don’t just stop at ensuring the success of your brand activations with a Gantt scheduling tool. We pride ourselves on our multi-tiered gated approach that uses multiple additional tools to cross-check and execute your programs in a timely manner and without error.


We are adept at collaborating and managing communication with other agencies on projects when required.

Exhibit Staging

Staging the exhibit ahead of time at rmg offices allows us to carefully inspect and fine tune anything that needs to be addressed. If clients are not available for live staging, we are happy to conduct the staging via a live web meeting with video. We are also happy to make ourselves available to correspond at times that are convenient to your team despite any time differences.

Exhibit Storage

At the end of a trade show, we pack and label your assets for transportation to our
climate-controlled, fully secured warehouse facility where we check assets for any potential damage and make necessary repairs before replacing the assets into storage. We also perform a full inventory to ensure nothing was inadvertently missed and enforce meticulous quality control measures. rmg is happy to arrange for the return shipping of any collateral that needs to be returned to your offices.


Our team is adept in both domestic and international trade show logistics. It’s our objective to anticipate potential challenges in the transport management process, reducing the risk of mishap, added expense, or the stress of corrective action.

Online Inventory

As we pull and ship items we update and track the movement of items through our in-depth inventory system. Our inventory leaves nothing to chance and ensures that the requested items are available and that there is sufficient inventory available for the brand activation.


Whether we are installing portable displays, complex custom exhibits, or indoor and outdoor semi-permanent and permanent signage, we ensure the process flows seamlessly. Our certified technicians are instrumental in the preparation, packaging, and shipping of all assets.

Our on-site team is always prepared for unexpected changes that can happen on the trade show floor. A job box is included with every booth that ships out of our facility. Our job box includes various tools, extra light bulbs, extra hardware, adhesive material and more. rmg supplies at least 10% in extra items in case of any issue that may arise. 24/7 support is available throughout the entire event.

Your single source partner from concept to completion.

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