CAA Member Village

rmg was responsible for creating all graphic design elements, including the development of the beloved “Sue,” who guides participants through various village activities as she uses her CAA membership benefits. The exhibit appealed to both kids and parents, as the activation was participactive, with engaging stickers, bags, real-life road conditions and a photo-share opportunity. It was commemorated with a video that was utilized for social sharing. The various activations were well received, with 2x and sometimes 3x the increase in participation over the previous year’s activations. Membership sales also increased by 6% over the previous year.

Services provided:

  • 2D & 3D design
  • Creative & Art Direction
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Trade Show & Events

The 2020 Auto Show marked the start of a unified, from the ground up rmg original – a CAA Village designed to educate participants on all the benefits of being a CAA member. The exhibit purposely defied the typical 360-degree entry way in exchange for offering a stroll through a village setting.

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