How to Increase the Impact of Your Live Brand Experience

January 24, 2024 [addtoany]

According to The Deloitte Consumer Review, over half of consumers say that the overall enjoyment of their experience is important in their decision to buy a product or service. A crucial element to consider then, to increase the impact of live brand engagements, is to ensure you are delivering a positive experience, using ‘feel-good moments’ to connect your audience to your brand. How can you achieve this? Here are four factors that influence the impact of live brand engagements. Giving attention to each of these areas when planning your next XM marketing campaign will increase the overall effectiveness of your activation and ensure your brand stays top of mind with your audience long after the event.  

1. Provide real value.

If you want to engage your audience and create a memorable brand experience for them, be prepared to bring something to their table without expecting anything in return. Rather than focusing on sales, the aim of your brand activation should be to provide useful information or advice, some fun and entertainment or a combination of the two. For example, CAA Insurance Company provided a helpful service along with entertainment at their memorable fall battery-testing event in Toronto. Attendees and their families could get their car batteries tested in preparation for winter while enjoying some fun, family-friendly, winter activities and treats in anticipation of the new season.  

2. Engaged Brand Ambassadors.

Brand Ambassadors (BA’s) are the human face to your brand and play a vital role in the success of any experiential campaign. BA’s are the ones who will connect with potential customers face-to-face at your event. When Brand Ambassadors are first engaged with your brand themselves, have a clear understanding of your company’s mission, values and goals and are excited to share their knowledge about your brand, this sets the tone for a positive brand experience. Making use of an experiential marketing agency that is skilled in selecting and training event staff, will ensure that your event space is filled with the right people – people who are fully immersed in your brand, understand the goal of the activation and are able to provide meaningful interactions with your target audience.  

3. Quality fabrication.

Never underestimate the power of first impressions. Even the most brilliant execution strategy will fall flat if the physical elements that bring it to life – displays, installations, props, etc. aren’t skillfully crafted. Keep in mind that a smaller display of higher quality will have a greater impact than a larger installation that is cheaply made. Working with a full-service experiential marketing company such as Reveal Marketing Group, that designs and builds everything in house, can cut down on fabrication costs while ensuring any physical elements in your event staging setup are flawless and functional.  

4. Plan to measure and track success.

Establish clear goals prior to the activation and understand how you will measure a campaign’s success. Some measurement strategies to consider include using key performance indicators (KPIs), website social engagement, lead conversion and asking your audience for feedback through surveys, polls, and reviews. In addition to providing insights into what your audience liked and didn’t like, asking for feedback increases audience engagement. A whopping 77% of consumers have a more favourable view of brands that ask for and accept customer feedback! Ready to increase the impact of your next live brand engagement? Tap into the expertise of a full-service experiential marketing agency like Reveal Marketing Group. Click here to book a complementary 30-minute session with rmg’s Strategy & Creative team.  

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